Who We Are

In 1968, The Virginian Apartments of Pompano Beach made its mark on South Cypress Road. Brick and concrete block are the foundation of 7 residential buildings and 1 common area clubhouse. Each two story residential building contains 10 apartments on each floor. Four one 1/1.5 units, Eight 2/1.5 units and eight 2/2 units. The buildings are surrounded by well maintained gardens and greenery throughout the community. It is tradition here that when the bananas ripen, a community banana split party for all to enjoy the home grown fruit gets added to the calendar of events!

The Virginian is a Co-op community aka “a cooperative community”. Florida Statute 719 defines cooperative as a form of ownership of real property wherein legal title is vested in a corporation or other entity and the beneficial use is evidenced by an ownership interest in the association and a lease or other muniment of title or possession granted by the association as the owner of all the cooperative property. Basically, every owner owns a piece of the community. Daily operations are handled by a Board of Directors, 7 member in total and a couple of employees. Each owner with good-standing rights has the opportunity to be a part of the Board or act as a committee member or simply volunteer. The Board of Directors encourage all owners not only to be a part, but to take part in the community!